What to do when someone dies

We know that dealing with a bereavement is very difficult, especially if you are the person dealing with the financial affairs of the deceased.


This guide aims to help you through the process  of the the closure of a deceased members account as easy and efficiently as we can.

Let us Know


We understand that the death of someone close can be a very difficult time and we want to make the process of informing us as straightforward as possible for you.


You can inform us of the death of a member by phone 01204 365024, by email enquiries@wisewithmoney.org.uk, or by coming into our branch in Victoria Square.


If you are the next of kin, executor of the will or have the Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration; and there are funds in the member’s account we will arrange an appointment  to discuss your claim and complete any documents required.


We will send you information about what documents we will need to see and those you must bring to your appointment.


We aim to to process your claim in a sensitive and efficient manner and in a way that causes the minimum of distress.


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Documents we will need to close the account:


  1. The original death certificate.
  2. A completed Bereavement request to close account form with details of the executor or administrator or personal representative who will be dealing with the deceased persons’ affairs.
  3. Proof of your identification.
  4. Any Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration that exists

At the appointment


At the appointment we will verify your claim using the document you bring with you, plus any information we have on the member’s account. Once we are satisfied that you are the rightful claimant we will start the process of completing your claim.


What happens in order for you to claim the funds in the account depends on the balance of funds and whether there is any claim from another person.


Should there be any other claim on the funds we will inform you immediately and let you know what happens next.


If you are not able to come to a face to face appointment, we can arrange a video appointment. However, we will still need the original documents required to confirm the death.

Loan Protection and Life Savings Insurance


Hoot Credit Union has in place insurances, at no extra cost to members, to protect its members’ savings and loan accounts in the event of their death- helping protect your family from the financial burden of bereavement.


Loan protection
If the deceased person has an outstanding loan balance with us we will make a claim on their behalf to offset the outstanding balance so that it isn’t passed on to your loved one. (Cover limits vary and certain restrictions apply based on age and cover.) If the claim is unsuccessful we will offset partly or in full by funds in the savings balance. We have the right to do this as part of our legal right to ‘lien of shares’.



Life savings
Our insurance a single lump sum payment to cover end of life expenses, in the event of the member’s death. The value of this payment is directly linked to the member’s savings behaviour and balances. Generally, the more the member saves, the higher benefit payment. (Cover limits and certain restrictions apply based on savings balance and on age at death or age when savings were made. Individual limits and restrictions may also vary over time.)


We will give you more information about this and how the claim works at your appointment.

Independent Bereavement Support

We have compiled a list of organisations that offer information and support when you have a bereavement.

NHS – Dealing with grief and loss

Help and advice on dealing with your loss




Gov.uk has a wealth of information on what to do when someone passes away, including registering a death, paying inheritance tax, and applying for probate.


Tell Us Once


Tell Us Once is a service that lets you report a death to most government organisations in one go.

Bolton Council


Information and help paying for funeral expenses


Down To Earth


Down to Earth is a charity that offers advice and help paying for a funeral to those on low incomes..


National Association of Funeral Directors


National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) provide funeral advice and a funeral directory service to help you find local firms, endorsed by the NAFD.