A Hoot Holiday Loan To Help You Get Away

Finally it's warming up and the only topic on the lips of the local community is warmer weather and plans for summer holidays. Already we have seen applications for holiday loans and who could blame people in Bolton and Bury for thinking about getting away from normal day-to-day life for a break – whether that means a family holiday abroad in the sun or a U.K. stay vacation then Hoot Credit Union could help.

When totalling up the costs associated with a holiday it is understandable that people often need to borrow and spread the repayments of all the holiday essentials over a longer period – that is when a Hoot holiday loan really comes into its own. We tailor loan repayments to suit each applicant’s individual financial circumstance and factor in a saving contribution.

At the start of spring we regularly talk to members who are finding prices for family holidays, which in the school holidays can be vastly inflated, the need to plan and book in advance to get the right deal can be critical. It also means you can get all the other holidays tick-lists started!

If you are looking to book a last minute Easter escape to warmer climates to shake off the cold from the winter then you are not alone. If you are not dictated by school holidays then are some great last minute deals and Hoot are on hand with affordable holiday loans that could make your day dreams reality.

Hoot encourages the ‘Save as you Borrow’ credit union method where members are asked to save a small amount with each loan repayment. This means as your loan balance decreases, your savings balances increases. It could mean by the time your 2018 holiday loan is repaid – you are well on your way to paying for your next adventure with your savings.

Applying for a Hoot Loan is refreshingly simple, before long you could be enjoying the holiday you deserve. We offer smaller loan values that you would only get with high rate lenders, but at a lower rate of interest, whilst being competitive with loans for expensive holidays of a lifetime up to £15,000. Use the loan calculator and apply online today or pop into our town centre branch found Victoria Square, Bolton, to complete a loan application form. If you require any further information

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