Are you thinking of all those DIY jobs and home improvements you want to get through this Spring?

New flooring, painting the hallway, brand new kitchen or even re-planting in the garden.  But have you remembered the smaller jobs? Here are some of the things you can do to make sure your house and garden is ready for Spring/Summer. Test your smoke alarms and change the batteries if needed. Clean taps and showerheads in equal parts of water and vinegar. Clean out the lint from the dryer vent. Wash external windows. Clean your garden furniture Clear any remnants of leaves from your external space. Check your guttering for debris, (maybe you should get an expert in to do this!) Then back to the big jobs. A home improvement loan from Hoot will enable you to carry out modifications which are as large or as small as you wish. From redecorating a room to fitting a brand new kitchen, our home improvement loans can be used to make your house into a home. 

During the summer, in particular, there’s really no reason why the loans should be limited to improvements taking place inside the house. You could take out a home improvement loan to re-landscape a garden, have a patio built or put down some decking.

Whether you need to refresh a room with a lick of paint, create a relaxing bathroom to unwind or start work on a landscaped drive and patio we provide home improvement Budget loans up to £10,000.

Representative Example, Borrow £5,000 over 3 years

Repayment of £243.57 per month for 36 months. Cost of Credit £3,768.52, Total Repaid £8,768.52, APR Representative 49.7%*

Repayment of £196.17 per month for 36 months. Cost of Credit £2,061.82, Total Repaid £7,061.82, APR Representative 26.8%

That's a saving of £1,706!

The key to a home improvement loan from Hoot is that it offers genuine flexibility. Once a loan has been approved you’ll have the cash and will be able to shop around for the very best prices. As an added bonus, the fact that you have the money available, rather than having to rely on in-store credit, will put you in a position to drive a hard bargain and push the price even lower.

At Hoot we would love to do your home improvements but why take away your fun!

Although we cannot help to dig your garden out or sketch out the plans to a new kitchen, we can look at lending you the money required to start and finish the job.

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*Source: 03.05.18

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