Take the Hoot Christmas Savings Challenge

Start saving now to cover the cost of Christmas

Christmas is an expensive business and can be a strain on the household budget. The average cost of Christmas is £753 and if you leave thinking about Christmas until October, that’s a big chunk of your household budget. Of course you can borrow to cover the cost and many Hoot members do by taking affordable Handy Loan form us. But now would be a good time to think about saving. Here we are already half way through the year - do you have anything saved for Christmas? With less than 26 weeks to go even a small amount of weekly savings will go a long way towards meeting the cost of Christmas.

So all you have to do is decide what you can afford to save each week, start saving this week and keep a track of your progress.

Save £5 per week and in 26 weeks you will have £130, enough to pay for the Christmas food and drink.

Save £10 per week and in 26 weeks you will have £260, enough for food and drink plus some extra for presents.

We have provided a handy progress chart so you can see how well you are doing. Just pin it to your fridge so you can see your progress every day.

Download your progress chart here

If you don’t already have a Hoot Christmas Savings Account, open one now and start saving. If you save regularly you could be entered into a free prize draw for a Christmas Savings bonus.

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