Fraud Protection Advice

To keep your account and security information as safe as possible, we have provided some guidance to help protect you from Fraudulent Activity.


Your security details are the unique information you provide online, over the phone, or in person that identifies you and your accounts. This can include:


  • Password
  • PIN number
  • Security Questions for example mother’s maiden name / name of first school or pet


Here are some things you can do to help you protect yourself from Fraud and Theft:


  • Memorise your security details and securely destroy anything containing your these details as soon as you received it and remembered it.
  • When you set or change your security details, you must ensure they cannot be easily guessed.
  • Never write down or record your security details.
  • Never allow anyone else to use your security details.
  • Always be sure that you know the person you are sending money to and that you are comfortable with the reason you are sending money.
  • Monitor your accounts and tell us if there is activity or transactions that you do not recognise.
  • Tell us straight away if you suspect, or discover, that someone else knows your security details or you believe that your security details may have been misused.


If we suspect any fraudulent activity we may suspend your account(s) until we are satisfied that your account(s) are safe.



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