We are a community


Hoot is a community owned co-operative that serves the needs of its members. When you join Hoot you become part of a family of members and get access to safe savings and affordable loans.


We estimate that we save our members up to £1m per year in loan interest, had they taken comparable loans from other lenders. This community dividend enables our members to support each other whilst at the same time getting a good deal.

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We will treat you as an individual


When you apply for a Hoot loan we take your individual circumstances into account rather than rely on a computer to say yes or no.


We lend to a wide range of people, even those with bad credit; but we won’t lend if you can’t afford it or if it means you will get into more unmanageable debt.


You are protected


Your eligible deposits with Hoot are protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. For more information go to FSCS.


Plus free loan life insurance. When you become a member and take out a loan with Hoot, you automatically qualify for free life insurance on your loan. (Terms and Conditions Apply)

Check your eligibility and join us


Hoot is a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society and members are bound by credit union rules. As a member of the credit union you are expected to abide by the rules. A copy of the rules is available from the credit union on request. This is available free of charge in electronic format at any time or as a hard copy if requested within 3 months of your membership commencing. After that hard copies will be charged at £3.


Key points regarding your membership contained within these rules are:


  • By joining the credit union you are agreeing with its social goals.
  • You must retain a minimum balance of £1 to remain a member of the credit union.
  • As a condition of membership you must save regularly with the credit union to a maximum amount of £15,000.
  • You have access to your savings at any time by means provided by the credit union; unless your savings are attached to a loan according to any loan agreement you have signed.
  • You agree to pay back any loan you have according to the signed agreement.
  • You may withdraw your membership at any time in accordance with the rules.


Click below to check your eligibility to become a member of Hoot.