Payroll Plus is a convenient way
for your employees to save

We work with many partners throughout Bolton and Bury so that our services can be accessed by as many people as possible. This includes working with employers, both large and small, for the benefit of their employees.

Monthly deductions are made directly from salary payments and transferred to a personal Hoot Credit Union savings account.


Simple to set up and efficient to operate, Payroll Plus is the easiest way to save throughout the year.


A growing number of local employers are already benefiting from this free service.


If you work for one of our partner employers you can access our payroll deduction scheme.



When you open a Hoot savings account you should indicate the employer you work for. Once your account is open you will receive your welcome pack plus a payroll deduction form so you can tell us how much you want to save.


If you’re already a member of Hoot and want to set up payroll deduction email us at to request a form.

  • A simple and effective way for you to build up some useful savings each time you are paid by becoming a member of Hoot Credit Union and arranging to have a regular payroll deduction from your wages into a credit union savings account.


  • You also have access to our affordable loans and can make your repayments form payroll deduction too.


  • An important feature of Payroll Plus is that your individual accounts are maintained confidentially within the credit union and your employer is not aware of your savings and/or loan balances.


  • Your payroll deductions stay the same each pay day until you tell us to change them

Everyone wants access to affordable financial services and responsible employers are always looking for ways to provide staff benefits to their employees. Saving via payroll can offer a buffer if things go wrong when you least expect them. Even a small amount of savings can soften the blow and help your employees avoid resorting to expensive borrowing.


Financial worries are a huge concern to employers and workers alike: debt can cause stress and depression, which can lead to absences and reduced productivity – a vicious circle that leaves everyone worse off.


Encouraging your employees to sign up to Hoot’s payroll savings and loans scheme can help reduce your staff turnover and absenteeism costs associated with financial stress in employees; as well as meeting your corporate social responsibility objectives. Being a good employer is good for business.


To see how payroll deduction improves the well-being of your employers, take a look at this video


For more information on the benefits of payroll deduction schemes with Hoot download our brochure Payroll Plus with Hoot

If you are already enjoying the benefits of payroll deduction – have you told your colleagues yet?


Want to set up payroll deduction or make a change to your deductions? 
Email us on and we will send you a form to complete electronically.


Want to apply for a loan?
Go to our loan pages for your options. We can make arrangements on how you will pay if your loan is agreed.


Have a colleague who wants to join?
Ask them to go to and apply for membership.

“I find saving with the Credit Union by payroll deduction really easy. When I look at the bottom line on my payslip I don’t even see it – out of sight out of mind, its already in my Hoot account. I get my statement close to my birthday and am always amazed by how much I have saved. I get a loan regularly – just a small one to help with holidays and car insurance. I don’t even need to increase my deductions, so I feel like it’s not costing me any more. And I still manage to save! ”


Georgina, 39, Bolton

Member of ABCUL

Founder member of CFCFE

Member of Credit Unions for Greater Manchester

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